Born in Madrid in 1945 in a family primarily of doctors and journalists. He graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the Universities of Salamanca and Madrid. Study Journalism at the official School of Journalism.

In 1969, he completed postgraduate studies at NASA (Houston – Texas) and Lovelace Foundation in Albuquerque (New Mexico). Upon his return in 1971 he joined the Autonomous University of which Dr. Arturo Fernández Cruz was Dean, first as Assistant Professor, then as Assistant and finally as Associate Professor.

In 1973, he participated in the organization of the MIR Training Access Program, together with Prof. Segovia and Rojo at the UAM (Autonomous University of Madrid) and Puerta de Hierro Clinic.


In 1975 he was appointed Deputy Director of the Research Department of the Ramón y Cajal Hospital. Position leaving the year of his appointment.

After his University Experience

In 1976 he created the Medical Union (Federation of Free Medical Unions) in Spain.

In 1977 he attended as a guest of the Standing Committee of Doctors of the European Union (Standing Committe of Doctors (Dr. Eric Holst), Copenhagen, as a representative of the Physicians of Spain, and in the following three years, representative of the UEMO (European Union of Gerneral Practitioners) and UEMS (European Union of Medical Specialists), for Europe, participating in more than 40 international meetings, at the same time weekly as Medical Director for three years “School of Health” in Spanish Television, the first medical program of health in Spain (Manuel Torre Iglesias).

In that same year a new publication, “MECUM” was issue directed by Dr. José A. Amérigo and Iznaola printing press by Gregorio Nieto, made in 14 x 10 cm “bible paper” and following for the first time in Spain the international anatomical nomenclature. It collected information from more than 60 pharmaceutical laboratories with their products, trademarks, presentations, indications, active ingredients, dosage, side effects and retail price.

In 2015, the Daimon Editorial started editing its famous Vademecum that all doctors use, in a pocket format. Dr. Amérigo went ahead 35 years, in a much more manageable format that could be worn in the doctors’ gown to the consultations.

In 1978 he participated as the National Federation of Free Medical Unions, in the first trade free union elections held in Spain in the wake of Democracy. Five years late, Dr. Amérigo retires from union life.

In 1980 in collaboration with the Founder of (Asisa – Lavinia Cooperative Society), Dr. José Espríu Castelló and Dr. Carlos Mestre Rossi, the first General Director of Insalud, presented a Study to the Minister of Health Alberto Oliart, in order to obviate the overcrowding in Hospitals and then Outpatient Social Security System, to standardize criteria so that Healthcare could be Public or Private in the Social Security System.

The Study of more than 80 pages could have been a strategic success in the combination of Doctors (Medical Union, Medical Insurers (Asisa – Lavinia) and the Administration (Nascent National Institute of Health), which unfortunately did not see the light.

In 1981 he launched a collection of 45 videos (Medicoteca) in which the most relevant doctors and surgeons of the moment participated, aimed at Rural and General Practitioners, videos between 1 and 2 hours long, which extend to other countries such as Peru , Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina. On that occasion the company Sony helped Dr. Amérigo to make the use of home video (Betamax and Vhs) a reality with an agreement to introduce medical information on video for the first time.

In 1982 he began his private medical consultations in Madrid, constituting the Europa Salud group, with consultations in more than 80 cities in Spain. He specializes in Dietetics and Nutrition. And he is hired by various companies in the field of nutrition and dietetics, such as the presentation of the Danone BIO, giving conferences and Radio Television programs with the Danone brand (Burson Marsteller), collaborations with companies such as Santiveri, JSP, Arias etc.

In 1996 he was invited by the Mayo Clinic to the first International Symposium of Medicine organized by Dr. Eric Tangalos. Likewise, the second Symposium and together develop in Spain “Cardiology Today and Tomorrow” a series of broadcasting interactive television programs organized by the Mayo Clinic, Rochester – Minnesota, with connections to different Spanish hospitals online, through broadcasting.

In 1997, he joined up with Telefónica Sistemas de Satellites and founded MEDISAT, which gave way to VIA DIGITAL the first Medical TV program that aired on that platform for a year, and then gave way to MEDICINA TV, being appointed President, integrating the Board of Directors , Tele 5, Editorial Planeta, and the Production Company Zeppelin.

In the same year, at the beginning, he introduced generic drugs by the RATIOPHARM Laboratories (General Director, Walter Gag and Commercial Director, Juan Méndez). Through the Humanism and Democracy Foundation – German Christian Democracy, he meets Walter Gag who complained that his laboratory did not sell his generic medicines, which seemed incredible in the eyes of Dr. Amérigo. Walter Gag and Dr. Amérigo immediately agreed to launch generic drugs in Spain. For this, he embarks in a year and a half of Talks, Conferences with Doctors from all over Spain to introduce Generic Drugs. On that occasion, he was helped by Economist and Journalist Enrique Costas Lombardía, and by Dr. José Fereres Castiel (Head of the Preventive Medicine Service of the Clinical Hospital of Madrid). Later in March 1998 the Spanish Generic Drug Association (AESEG) was created, it will mean a before and after in Medicine and Pharmacy in Spain with the appearance of Generic Drugs that Dr. Amérigo introduced in Spain.

In 1999 he created CHANNEL HEALTH on the Internet, in equal parts with the Prisa Group. And using the INICIA Internet platform, for the first time in Spain.

Medicine, Health and Video Communication

In 2002, he promoted new communication technologies through the company HIT (Health Information Technologies – Telecom Salud) with General Electric, which was then GE Medical Systems and later changed its name to GE Health Care.

It collaborates with the development of image programs for hospitals in RIS – PACS (Radiology Information System – Picture Archiving Communications System) systems throughout Latin America.

In 2005, with other partners, they founded MEDICRONIC, based on the Aviva telemedical station, where pulse, oximetry, auscultation, blood pressure, blood glucose control and heartbeat data are collected, all by computer connected by videoconference. The world’s first Call Center that operates in the distance via the Internet with the Aviva Station (American TeleCare (ATI)).

That same year he created a network of patients (Bilbao, Spain) to control different vital parameters at home. Network that worked more than three years.
Between 2010 and 2011 he produced a collection of gynecological surgical videos (CIRUGINE) under the direction of Dr. Javier Martínez Salmean commissioned by the Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SEGO).

In 2011, NUTROPEDIA, an Internet channel specialized in Dietetics, Nutrition and Food, comes to light.

In 2013 he created the Andalusian Society of the Oleocanthal Spanish Association.

And later in 2014 in the company of researcher Gary Beauchamp (Monell Center Philadelphia, United States), he created the OIS (Oleocanthal International Society) (and from 2015 they hold an Annual Congress on Oleocanthal and health starting in Zakyntos, Greece. Úbeda and Baeza, Jaén. Olympia, Greece and Malaga, Spain) Association specialized in the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and a phenol called Oleocanthal ( Oleocanthal kills cancer cells without damaging healthy ones, in addition to being a powerful anti-inflammatory) so it travels to Greece, Australia and the United States.

In addition, the OIS promotes the annual WBHEC contest for the best healthy oil in the world together with Clara Villanueva and the collaboration of Laboratorios Tello (Spain), Modern Olives (Australia) and Serendipity Worldwide (Spain):

In 2017, the 1st Health Matters Convention is held in May under the Presidency of Dr. Amérigo. A multidisciplinary event that brings together Doctors, Chemists, Kitchen Chefs and Producers of EVOO.

In 2018, the MD THE WAY OF LIFE, Aove and Mediterranean Diet website was created to spread healthy eating based on the Mediterranean diet


After having suffered a prostate cancer (2016) he suffers three strokes in 2017, already recovered in 2019 he goes to the side of “the Disease” is elected President of the Spanish Association of Patients and Patients with Chronic Diseases – CRONIC.

A non-profit Association that wants to represent the 19 million Spaniards with one or more Chronic Diseases.

Among its objectives, the CRONIC Association wants to deal with issues such as Adherence to treatments, Education for Chronic Disease, more than 118 diseases with its intelligible explanation for patients and also their diet and habits of life. Likewise, the Physical and Mental Exercise and the Psychological aspects of Chronic Disease.

CRONIC also intends through its Ten Commandments to claim the privacy of patients in Public and Private Hospitals so that each room has only one bed. The Doctor – Patient Relationship, the Waiting Lists in the Hospitals, the Urgent and Medicalized Medical Care, the Acoustic Pollution due to the excessive noise in the Hospitals, the compulsory and paid Social Service for people 18 years old, Alcohol, Drugs , the Tobacco and the Game, the application of the Mediterranean Diet, the Sociosanitary attention, the Applications to use by the patients, a Legal and Financial Advice, an Office, Guides of Sanitary Equipment and finally the launching of the CRONIC FOUNDATION.

In February 2020 he founded Domotica Healthcare, Home Health Care:

The website has four sections: Medical Equipment, Urine Strips, Airborne Transmission and Skin Alterations. In each of them, the hardware needed for home health care is specified. And a software that allows to analyze, set alarms, evacuate consultations and of course a history to compare disease by disease.

This website is made within the Serendipity Worldwide portfolio.

Also in 2020, coinciding with the Covid-19 sindemic-pandemic, Galeno de Pérgamo Video Producciones launched, associated with Clara Villanueva and Alfonso García-Valenzuela:

It is a website aimed primarily at the public and the chronically ill as well as those with rare diseases and acute infectious patients. It is a collection of videos and audios on 250 diseases and 100 signs, symptoms and clinical and surgical tests. In addition to informing and training using the media, television, radio and the Internet.

Galeno de Pérgamo Video Producciones also narrates all illnesses, signs, symptoms and clinical and surgical tests in audio mode. The fundamental objective is that there is more information to the public and especially to patients who suffer from diseases and about which there is not much information.

In September 2021, they formed a Joint Venture together with Windows Channel (José A Benito, Miami, USA) and Galeno de Pérgamo Video Producciones, and launched the Online Platform PACIENTES.TV. Dedicated to Information, Continuous Education and Services for Patients and Families

Canal de Información Formación y Servicios.

Journalistic Facet

As a journalism student in 1967 he published more than 50 articles on medicine in the prestigious magazine “Tribuna Médica” directed by Enrique Costas Lombardía, who was undoubtedly a pioneer in health information in Spain.
As a journalist he began directing the weekly magazine “Our Health” in 1977 in Spain. First specialized magazine in Health for the public, edited by his uncle the Journalist and Entrepreneur Eugenio Suarez (El Caso, Sábado Gráfico etc).

In 1979 with the Economist and Journalist Enrique Costas Lombardía, they founded the Medical magazine for Doctors “El Médico“. And later he has written more than 1,000 articles, interviews, conferences, communications, etc. in the Medical press and in the Daily Press dedicated to Health.

In 2001 he wrote the book “Telemedicine, Health in the 21st Century” by Estudio Editorial, in collaboration with Dr. Eugenio Suárez to disseminate the new Communication technologies at the service of Health.

And in 2019 he published “Chef Doctor: Chronic Diseases and Food” by Editorial Arcopress. Where the 118 most common Chronic Diseases are related to their habits of life and food in a very intelligible way for the average citizen.

Dr. Amérigo has written another book this time historical: “Belai el-RumÍ – History and legend of King Don Pelayo“. That has not yet been edited.

He has six children and is married